About the Award

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey to serve ‘less but better’, or your menu is already packed with plant based options and the highest welfare meat, The Flexitarian Award can help you get the most from your menu.

The Flexitarian Award is a scheme that rewards eateries for serving more plant based dishes and higher welfare animal products


Why become a Flexitarian Award holder?

  • ⦿ Creating food that’s good for people, planet and animal welfare is at the heart of your business
  • ⦿ You want your customers to know that eating with you means eating sustainably, kindly and inclusively
  • ⦿ You’re looking for a way to engage new and existing customers in the sustainable future of dining out


Not sure your eatery fits the bill? It’s simple for any type of eatery to get involved, and our tiered award scheme makes it easy to progress, from Bronze to Silver to Gold. See our standards for more details or get in touch.


What are the benefits?


Though we’re based in Bristol – and eateries in and around Bristol will certainly benefit from being part of a local network of eateries – our desktop assessment means that restaurants all around the UK can take advantage of being assessed and recognised as a Flexitarian Award holder.

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