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Peer Review

As part of the ongoing maintenance of the Flexitarian Award, we ask our applicants to visit another eatery that has been through the application process. This is designed not only to help maintain our standards throughout the year, but to give our Award holders the opportunity to visit another business and share ideas around their Flexitarian menus, sourcing and communications. You’ll be paired with another eatery and supplied with a questionnaire to complete on your visit.

Compliance and award validity

We are a small team, working on a voluntary basis. We’re not a certifying body and can offer no accreditation; checking total compliance with our standards isn’t practical for us at this stage, so we rely largely on your good faith and your obligation to your customers and to the environment. For the time being, the Flexitarian Award has no set validity period, but as our team grows and the Award develops we reserve the right to introduce an expiry date for issued awards, and request reassessment. Our peer review system (as above) helps us to maintain our standards after our initial desktop assessment.

Use of logos

Achieving the Flexitarian Award to any standard allows you to use the Flexitarian Award name and logo of the appropriate colour in your eatery, on your menus and any publicity material. It does not permit you to use the name or logos from any other accreditation scheme, regardless of whether or not your restaurant uses products assured by their organisation. Please contact the specific organisation if you wish to make use of their name and logo.

I also confirm I understand that if I want my data deleted I need to email and request that they delete my data within one month of the request.

We’ll use your contact details to contact you directly about your application. We also use a newsletter to tell our awarded eateries about important updates, news and events. Please make sure you register here selecting “News for Eateries” to receive these updates.

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