Core Welfare Standards

Meat and Poultry: All meat certified to UK minimum welfare standards

At all levels, meat and poultry products must meet minimum UK animal welfare standards and be farm assured by one of the following schemes: 

  • Assured Food Standards (Red Tractor Assurance)
  • Farm Assured Welsh Livestock (FAWL)
  • Quality Meat Scotland (QMS)
  • Farm Quality Assurance Scheme (FQAS) Northern Ireland
  • EBLEX Quality Standard Mark (English Beef and Lamb Executive)
  • Organic eg. Soil Association*
  • RSPCA Assured*
  • Pasture for Life*
  • British Poultry Council Duck Assurance Scheme
  • SAI Global/EFSIS Assured Farm Venison Standard
  • British Quality Assured Pig Standard


Wild caught game is also permitted*.


Eggs: All eggs from free range hens

At all levels, all eggs should be from free range or organic systems and labelled either with a 1 (free range) or a 0 (organic) on the shell.


Fish: All wild fish MSC certified**

At all levels, wild fish should be MSC certified.


Still not clear? See our Flexitarian Animal Welfare page to learn more about what these standards mean in the real world.


* These also contribute to your higher welfare point score, which can help you achieve Silver and Gold level awards.

** So as not to exclude small-scale local fishing, fish sourced through local supply chains that uphold comparable principles of welfare and sustainability as MSC are accepted under the award, subject to the discretion of the Flexitarian Award team.