We think that being a Flexitarian eatery is something to really shout about, and our rewards package is designed to do just that, including:

  • ⦿ Your eatery featured in the online Flexitarian Award eatery directory and map
  • ⦿ A Flexitarian Award window sticker showing your award level
  • ⦿ A Flexitarian Award certificate to display in your eatery
  • ⦿ Use of the Flexitarian Award logo on your menus and promotional material in print and online
  • ⦿ A communication package to promote your award and help Flexitarian diners discover your eatery
  • ⦿ The opportunity to participate in Flexitarian Award events
  • ⦿ The chance to feature in press and communications about the Flexitarian Award
  • ⦿ Varied opportunities with Flexitarian partners, engaging public, businesses and policy makers


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