Higher Welfare Points

Points are awarded if your entire supply of a given product is produced to higher animal welfare standards. An equal number of points are awarded for not using the product at all. Higher welfare schemes are*:

⦿ Organic

⦿ RSPCA Assured

⦿ Pasture for Life

⦿ Wild caught (in the case of game only).

Free range eggs earn no points since this is required at all levels.


How to score points

Dairy scoring Farmed meat scoring  Game and Fish scoring



* So as not to exclude small-scale local farming, meat sourced through local supply chains that uphold comparable principles of welfare and sustainability as the recognised accreditation schemes are accepted under the award, subject to the discretion of the Flexitarian Award team. For example, in these cases we may consider a farm's claim to produce 'free range' meat. For more information on 'free range', see our animal welfare page.


Still not clear? See our Flexitarian Animal Welfare page to learn more about what these standards mean in the real world.